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Snack Stadiums!

5 February 2011

In honour of the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday I decided to compile some pictures of awesome snack stadiums. Fields of guacamole or green icing, stands filled with chips and other snacks, goal posts made of wieners, and much more! The big game is a great excuse to pile on the calories, and even though these foods may not be the most sophisticated, they are pretty satisfying (if you’re a snack kind of person).

First I have a “snackadium” that was posted on This Is Why You’re Fat, an awesome website that posts pictures and descriptions of the most disgustingly unhealthy, lard-containing, massive, salty, sweet and calorific foods ever. Om nom nom nom nom :)

Here’s a similar one from Holy Taco, but it has Twinkies on the sides of the stadium!

The Toronto Star even has instructions on how to construct your very own snacking gridiron. Theirs even comes with corn dogs!

Finally I present the largest snack stadium I have ever seen. It was created by the folks at but I found it at Wired. It is massive and fully furnished; it has two bowls of seating, a parking lot, and even some healthy stuff: broccoli trees. It has 50 different types of snacks, including hamburgers and hot dogs. These people were so nice that they took apart the stadium afterward and gave all the food to the homeless.

I wish I could make one of these for the big game tomorrow, but, sadly, I have to study….stupid midterms. One day I shall make the greatest snack stadium ever!

P. S. Click on the photos and you’ll be linked to the articles where I found them.

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