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My Lunch: Instant Tom Yum

8 March 2011

We’ve been having hot pot at home for the past few days and we buy these packages of ‘noodles’ called konnyaku (we call them yam noodles). I wasn’t totally sure what they were so I looked it up and they’re made from the starch of this plant called konjac (which is called a yam, even though it technically isn’t). Anyways, so they were selling these packages on special at the supermarket and they were accompanied with a package of tom yum paste. Tom yum is a Laotian/Thai hot and sour soup primarily composed of lemongrass, lime, chili, fish sauce and galangal (a root related to ginger) and usually served with shrimp or fish. We weren’t going to use the tom yum paste for hot pot so I decided to have it for lunch today.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any shrimp or fish, or any meat for that matter. So I decided just to add some wonton and a lot of veggies. I boiled up some water and added the tom yum paste (according to the directions), then added the wonton. We had leftover veggies from hot pot so that’s what I added to the soup. I put in some sui choy (napa cabbage), lo bak (daikon radish), enoki mushrooms and sliced button mushrooms. Then I added some konnyaku; I figured since they came with the tom yum paste, I should put them in. I knew once the wonton floated it was done and then I finished it off with an egg.

I turned it pretty okay. The soup was spicy but not overwhelming and fairly sour. It didn’t taste very Thai, probably because of all the Chinese stuff I added to it…but that’s fine. Everything was cooked well and absorbed the hot and sour flavour. It was fairly heavy on the lemongrass, so if you don’t like lemongrass, stay away from this. All the ‘stuff’ made this fairly filling and I was satisfied. I’ll try making this from scratch one day and add traditional Thai ingredients!

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